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if you wish this was a Nintendo game
(which it isn’t, so why would you?)
stop us you are what you doodle for more than 5yrs
our mission has been to make things that
make people smile.
We took our combined experience in business,
marketing, design and communication, and filled
it with our intrinsic joie de vivre. Through the
years, we’ve been joined by people who share
our passion to make things - and make things better.
We’re all about sustainable, budget-friendly ways
to create wonder, amazement and happiness.
Sounds challenging? Dum spiro spero.
what makes us tick
as any good chef will tell you
to create the perfect mix of
products and experiences
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We are a global company
with headquarters in Mumbai, India,
currently putting our flags up all over the country
But you can reach us any time on e-mail, social media or voice call
Or you can be a purist and send us snail mail.
(Send postcards. We love postcards!)
paper plane for a warm handshake
with your conversation, you can even drop in to our offices
between 11am and 9pm on weekdays.
186/1506 MOTILAL NAGAR 1,
MUMBAI – 400 104
+91 22 2673 1133
+91 98674 10475
+91 98200 04745
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creation creation101 Page Scrap Compass Ruler
Think it. Build it. Run it.
Creating, handling, manufacturing and enhancing
the brand experience through its entire life cycle.
Spaces Construction Furniture Paper clip furniture airplane
We create compelling spaces
We made 250 3D models, 100 CAD layouts,
got 1000 feet in a bar on the first weekend,
built a faux living room inside a mall,
and a temporary village in a desert
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All things brick and metal
We provided running water supply
in a desert, grew 96 varieties of
plants in an indoor cafe, and
made a literal glass ceiling.
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We make fun furniture
We made tables out of blackboards,
closets out of travel trunks, and
a convertible beer pong table
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Artifacts Collaterals Print flag on hills bookmarks IPad IPad
We make casual-chic curios
We made a cupboard with 72 different
doors, postboxes, birdhouses and radios
that open up into shelves, and a giant
see-saw that lifts you 20 feet in the air
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We make quirky marketing aids
We floated 3000 screen printed balloons,
and gave away 7350 funny valet tags,
10000 colourful wrist bands and
4000 truth-or-dare cocktail flags
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We design effective
We do big ideas for all sizes.
We have designed 20 feet billboards
as well as 20 cc ads, full length
standees to half page posters
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Technology Marketing Brand Genesis
We tailor a complete and
innovative marketing mix
T-shirts to save 2300 KW of electricity,
a music video to send 6000 people
on a journey, and a flash- mob to get
450 people to shoot paint at each other
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We create sticky brands
We made a brand identify as a feeling,
turned one into a colloquial buzzword,
and positioned one to repurpose
the idea it was based on
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We work with the best
Our friendly circle of affiliate firms and
independent creative professionals allow
us to tap into a diverse set of talents
and surprise you every time
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Brands we work with and our approach to branding Whats in name? Everything
Every project begins and ends with the brand.
Your brand is your identity and your soul.
We create memorable brands, whether based on a brief
or born in our dreams. And if you already have a brand,
we enhance it and make it stronger.
However, a brand is not just a name. A brand is an idea. And a good brand is a sticky idea.
A good brand should be much harder to get out of your head than chewing gum.
Or that song you heard at 7am that has been playing in your head since.
(Quite like this one, made for Ragasthan.)
Hoppipola Badges Batti Bandh Hoppipola tld Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh
The cosmic being, spectacular and psychedelic, rooted to the finer senses
A music, art, culture and camping
destination festival in the desert
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The young friend who always
sees the glass half full, and
is always fun to be with
A chain of all day bars across India
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The friend who helps you
shop but lets you pick
your own choice
A wood and iron craft studio offering
completely customisable home décor
and furnishing products
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Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh
The suave and swinging,
Mediterranean neighbourhood
party animal
A suburban Mumbai bar and bistro
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Awol PostCard Awol PostCard Arrow
The friend who turns work
into pleasure and throws
the best parties
A getaway and corporate retreat
in the outskirts of Mumbai
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The go-to guy for thrills and chills, turns everything into an adventure
A theme paintball arena
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Down to earth and all about
the earth, the logical
urban activist
A city-based free-to-replicate campaign
raising awareness about Climate Change
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Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh
red box red box SmalShop Drop SmalShop SmalShop SmalShop SmalShop SmalShop
The expert, storyteller, guide
who knows all the secret
A migrating destination
comfort-camping and lifestyle
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The seeker, storyteller, traveller
going off the beaten track
on a personal journey
Letting the youth fund their adventure
by blogging and doing challenges
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Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh
Fun loving brothers who
bring style and freshness
to culture and tradition
A modern Mexican grill, cafe and
juicery in the heart of the city>
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The suave man in town,
knows where to get the
best things in life
A chain of urban fine dining
restaurants that turn into a
party at night
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The friend from China who
welcomes you into his home
with a smile
An international chain of authentic
Chinese cuisine restaurants
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Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh Batti Bandh
brand creation stdio
With multiple projects in the pipeline,
we’re always expanding our desk of brands
and adding to our colourful repertoire
We would have grown further the next time
you check. Make it soon!
brand creation stdio
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if you wish this was a Nintendo game
(Which it isn’t. Would you rather check out an iOS game we made called D.rop?)
who we are
stop us you are what you doodle
An entrepreneur, a computer engineer and a carpenter walk into a bar.
The bartender asks, “Can I be part of your team?”
If you think that’s not funny, that’s because it isn’t a joke. What sounds
like the setup to a tired and terrible gag is actually our biggest strength
and what we find to be most fun about work. It’s the people we are.
We are entrepreneurs, architects, software developers, gamers,
storytellers, carpenters, civil engineers, reporters, producers,
graphic designers, singers, songwriters, admen, admin,
PR executives, editors, directors, travellers, food critics,
photographers, painters, sculptors, and, oh, so much more.
Our team is a beautiful but crazy confluence of coincidences.
It lets us colour not just outside the box, but also lets us do it
with code and confetti instead of only crayons.
See what happened when these people walked into our metaphoric bar.
1. A news reporter, a TV producer and a traveller. 2.A hotelier, a gardener and a glass-maker.
3. A board game designer, a furniture reseller and an adventure sport enthusiast.
what makes us tick
Look at these smiles. Discover how we created them.
(including the one on our team!)
as any good chef will tell you
to make something truly wonderful,
you need more than the ingredients
You need heart
You also need experience and intuition.
But as our chef will insist, it’s mostly heart.
It’s the one thing we look for in both people and projects.
Because when you apply heart, you tend to find..
the other thing we look for in our work:
maximum smileage
prime directive contact us now